You Are My Music

The final release from 10in10.

Time for Everything

by Shona Brown with SoundRoutes Singers

Time for Everything features the awesome power of 80+ of my choir, SoundRoutes Singers. The song describes my anxieties about time - not having enough of it, not using it wisely, not keeping up with it.

Finally Woken

Featuring harmony vocals and shruti box. 7 of 10.

All I Have

All I Have is number 6 from my 10in10 project.

Your Silence Is So Loud

New single featuring Shona on vocals, percussion and looping ambient electronics. 4 of 10.


An instrumental inspired by the glorious Gaelic Psalm singing style.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

A new version of the 12th Century Christmas carol "O Come, O Come Emmanuel". It's my favourite carol! This is number 2 of my #10in10 project - 10 releases in 10 months. To be released on 10th December. I hope you enjoy it - merry Christmas!

The Narrow Road

Shona uses sampling and looping technology to layer her haunting flute lines and vocals with ambient electronic sounds. The first release from Shona's project "10 in 10" - she will release a new record on the 10th of each month, for 10 months.